Alzheimers Awareness Mascot

Alzheimers Awareness Mascot

About a year ago The Gift of a Memory team began brainstorming and sketching ideas for a plushie mascot that could represent our new business.

We began by narrowing down our initial designs and found that we were naturally drawn to the letter A shape because it ties in perfectly with our alphabet photography artwork.

We added cute features, settled on a nice size, and picked out colors.

And so… Alphie was born!

Upon his arrival we soon realized that Alphie could have a greater purpose than we had initially imagined for him.

As mentioned previously, Alphie is shaped like the letter A in the alphabet and we immediately made the connection that this could stand for Alzheimer’s. Not only that but he also happens to be purple which as you may know is the signature color of Alzheimer’s and dementia awareness

So, by happy coincidence, our fuzzy little friend so obviously represents much more than just our alphabet photography style. Our hope for Alphie in the future is to ultimately raise Alzheimer’s awareness in a fun and positive way, and to provide joy and companionship to those in need.

When visiting my mum in her care home it was a common sight to see the elderly residents with a soft toy in their rooms or hugging one tightly as they sat in the lounge area. We actually bought mum a cuddly teddy bear for mother’s day one year which she quickly became attached to.

I don’t think we can underestimate the joyful impact that holding a soft plushie toy can have on a person. After all, there is a reason that as children we are all drawn to them! 

For those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, they can provide comfort, nostalgia, companionship, stability, and a stimulating talking point at visits to keep them uplifted and engaged.

Between visits, our Alphie companion can help with the problems of social isolation and loneliness. He will also promote a sense of calmness which is the emotional state that we all want for our loved ones living with dementia.

We are thrilled to have Alphie represent our brand and hope he can also be adopted into the Alzheimer’s community as an ambassador and friend. His unique and fun character, shape, and color can help raise awareness to Alzheimer’s and also offer comfort and joy to those who need it most.

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