Our Mission

To create unique, meaningful gift-giving experiences that commemorate and celebrate life’s major milestones.

Our Vision

To respond authentically to peoples’ nostalgia for meaning and desire to stay connected to our old values of unique, handmade, quality gifts that mark our most important occasions.

Our Three Pillars

  1. Quality of Product – At The Gift of a Memory we endeavor to offer a product that we would love to give or receive ourselves.
  2. Handmade by Us – Our handmade gifts are an authentic expression of our creativity and passion. Made with love, from our home to yours.
  3. Customer Experience – We are committed to ensuring every aspect of your shopping experience with us is enjoyable and rewarding.

Our Story

When an American gal (Johnette) and British bloke (Rich) fell in love and then met, they knew that together they would fulfill their dreams and achieve anything they put their minds to.

Wait! “Fell in love and THEN met?” Shouldn’t that be met and fell in love?

Well, we played out our true love story over months of messaging back and forth online before even meeting in person. We met via an online dating site while we were each living our own lives in separate parts of the world.

We connected in a way that couldn’t be ignored, so we knew we just had to meet up! The only hitch was that we lived 4,000 miles apart! That was eighteen years ago and took a courageous move from us both that would change our lives forever.

Our shared entrepreneurial spirit and passion to create has taken us on a rewarding journey of growth as people, and as business owners. We are passionate about what we do and love creating new designs and personalized products that people can connect with.

As our product line has evolved so too has our desire to reach a wider audience. We felt the time was right to take another step forward and launch an online store of our own that can fully tell our story and express our love for what we do!

And so, The Gift of a Memory was born!

By reading this you are a welcome part of our journey and we hope to be a part of yours too through our handmade gift items.

With your interest, support, and encouragement we hope to help you celebrate life’s major milestones and make a meaningful contribution in peoples’ lives now and in the future.

Our website was inspired by Rich’s mum, Myrtle and her courageous fight against Alzheimer’s. Please read on to hear about our cause and how, with your help, we aim to make a difference…

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