Personalized gifts that celebrate life's milestone moments

Discover one-of-a-kind gifts that honor the cherished people and major milestones in your life. From a family photo collage canvas to personalized alphabet photography wedding gifts. Upcoming celebrations and everyday occasions, we provide a product that is guaranteed to kindle the right emotion.

Creating handmade gift items with love

The Gift of a Memory team offer a brand of product and service that responds to people’s needs for a meaningful gift-giving experience.

By purchasing genuinely handcrafted gifts you will not only be supporting their creativity but also supporting a cause that is dear to their hearts.

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alphabet photography word tool create your own word gift

Use our word tool to choose from a curated library of number and alphabet letter photography to create your own custom letter art.

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Handmade with love in NC, USA

Our Cause

Making memories together and reminiscing as a family are soul nourishing experiences that we all enjoy. By celebrating life’s milestones through our artwork we hope to keep those memories alive.

A percentage of our profits go towards Help End Alzheimer’s and knowing that every purchase from The Gift of a Memory makes a positive contribution to our cause adds an immeasurable value to your gift-buying experience with us.

So you shop, we give, and together we can make a difference.

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